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Palmar Norte, Puntarenas, Costa Rica: Your immediate attention is needed. This little fellow dubbed Horus, was discovered tied to a tree in the woods alongside another dog; the angel in the photos was someone’s pet, but that owner wanted nothing to do with him; instead of taking him to a shelter, the owner opted to get rid of him in this manner (all before he did not provide him food and water for weeks)

Yannis Barrantes Castillo had gone hiking in the forests of Punterenas when she heard loud noises and went to investigate; she simply couldn’t believe her eyes; Castillo took the two angels to the hospital, but not before taking several photos from the scene and posting them on social media to raise awareness about the situation.

Vets are doing everything in their power to ensure Horus makes it out of the woods. His condition is obviously not good at this point, but he is receiving the best medical care available, which is the best news right now, given the circumstances. I will post updates as soon as I have them.
Please support and urge the authorities to take action and bring whoever is responsible to justice.  This matter cannot be overlooked under any circumstances. A thorough yet quick investigation must commence straight away.

Thank you all for your support.