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The story of Hope and her kids. In my 3 years of activism I have never encountered such an incident. Went to feed all the dogs until I stumped upon and noticed Hope. With her twinkling eyes, a female not even half her breed's size approached me.

My heart broke as I pondered Hope's life. Some died as a result of snake bites, others as a result of rain, and only six survived. 

Hope was in terrible shape. She wasn't even half the weight and yet was nursing 8 kids for a while.

Her new diet has been started with medication on. However Hope will take time to stable. Her new diet has begun with medication on. However, it will take time for Hope to become stable.

The puppies usually followed their mother to the roadside, where the guards tried to sell them. It was a good decision to find homes for the puppies.
I began by discussing their adoptions. Streets with cars, people with selfish minds , and snakes and other harmful Insects

I am so happy that Teddy is now living like a king. I will always be your god mother and will keep meeting you every week Then Caramel went home . Would you believe if i said that i had over 30 calls and notifications for Caramel ?

I am beyond thrilled that Tobby will also be leaving for his forever home on Sunday. Lola, Coco, and Max, however, continue to wait for their families. 

We're working very hard to find them a permanent home. Born in a poor environment with no access to food or water to sleeping in comfortable beds and enjoying healthy five-meal meals.

Also adopted was Coco. The last person left is Lola, who is frantically looking for a family to call her own. You can see from the video that Lola is a complete drama queen. The kids all found wonderful homes.

But nobody arrived for Lola. Despite all of her struggles, Lola is a strong girl with plenty of love and friendship to share.

After waiting for 7 months, Lola finally traveled abroad and has since been enjoying the best of times with her brother Alex.

Lola has concluded our tale; while there were times of sadness and joy, but finally love is what we feel now πŸΎπŸ™

We're so thankful for the help and give this family a second chance. Without your kindest and love, they would have not survived. ❤️

Special thanks to: Anushka πŸ’š
Thanks to the channel : Animal Rescue ❤️

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