Poor dog, she's shaking in scared look us with the sad eyes looking for love!

img: Youtube '' Paws Show ''

Posey is unsure of herself and she’s a little scared in this environment which is understandable. 

She was picked up as a stray dogs and we didn't know what happend to her!! 

Just look at those eyes. 

Posey didn’t come in with her kennelmate, Ava, but these 2 get along just fine. 

Day 5: Freedom ride for Posey with Big Dog Rescue Project! 

No more breeding or scary days for you baby!!!! 

Penny & Posey! Now Marlo & Balo, the girls are living their best lives! 

 They spend weeks in NYC and weekends on Fire Island, beaching it and lounging pool side. 

The siblings say it’s a rough life, but somebody has to live it! Happy tails, girls!  CAN YOU GIVE ME JUST ONE SHARE

Thanks to the channel : Paws Show ❤️
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