Rescue Mama Dog & 5 Puppies Trapped in Mud, Eat Ddirt to Try to Live Every Day in Despair.

Image/Story Source Credit: 'Animal Rescue' via YouTube Video

This is a village in the Shatursky district, 300 km from Moscow. Scene of small puppies getting bogged down in the mud, near a dilapidated stall. And right next to the puppies is a mother dog, a small dog on a leash! The poor dog was in terrible condition - emaciated, only a skeleton left under his fur! There was not a single drop of dry water around, only earth, mud and mud.

No food. They lived like that for many days. The owner has completely neglected. He has imprisoned her since she was not pregnant. Hungry, struggling for food that can't be swallowed, lurking in the mud, confused. 

They are very cold and sad. I have no words! My mother is still young, less than 10kg. The puppies are very small, only the size of the palm of a hand. She is called Klepa. They were quickly rescued and taken to the clinic.

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