Devoted Dog Sheds Tears of Joy at the Clinic Upon Realizing His Life Has Changed

Image/Story Source Credit: 'Animal Rescue' via YouTube Video

Roche, He was rescued from an empty apartment. The owner has left, Roche is imprisoned and abandoned in this very apartment. The baby was completely starved. I have never seen such a sick dog. He was trembling with only skin and bones left. Obviously he's scared, He's shaking.

Roche is a purebred Dachshunds. . . Roche is in intensive care, the chances of survival are slim. Rosha is very weak now and her immune system is also very weak. As it turned out, Rosha was not used to walking.

On the street, he was just a puppy. Has he been imprisoned all his life in an apartment? Why does he exist? There are many questions raised that remain unanswered. Honestly, this is the first time I've seen a dog suffer like this. He is a very vulnerable child.

His story is very sad. Day 10: The boy is very friendly. Of course, we will search for him the best father and mother. Rosha is happy with her couch. I'm sure it's never been like this in my life.

Image/Story Source Credit: 'Animal Rescue' via YouTube Video

Day 16: Rosha is happy. He is walking. I want to find a good family for him to love. 

Day 21: The boy is very sweet and gentle. Love children. Begins to get used to the presence of cats. 

30 days later: Rosha, our angel has been adopted in Moscow, we are waiting for the latest pictures of this baby.

Image/Story Source Credit: 'Animal Rescue' via YouTube Video

It’s so sad and it broke our heart to see his poor life condition. But finally, he gets second chance at life after being rescued.

He will live good life with the person who will never let his life down and give him forever joy.   "Watch The Video Below"

Special Thanks To Rescuer:  Innalubimova ростов-на-дону 💚
Thanks to the channel : Animal Rescue ❤️

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