She can not stop shaking in fear, try to hide in the corner and under bed until she met that woman!

img: Youtube '' Paws Show ''

This tiny girl is Cassiopeia and to say she’s terrified would be an understatement. 

She spends all day shaking like a leaf and hiding under her bed. 

Spending FORTY EIGHT DAYS like this is absolutely horrible for this girl.  But not one person has offered to foster or adopt her.  

Cassiopeia is only a puppy and she’s small.  Today, Meredith Powell come and now she's on the way to home. 

This little girl has only been at our house for a week and two days. 

Seems as though she walk around like a fawn trying to seek shelter.   

God only knows what this poor baby girl has been through to make her so timid.   

Day 18: LONG BUT SO WORTH IT!  Yesterday we were able to roll the deck doors open and she followed suit for another great  

adventure of a tiny walk with MILO-down the road.  (We didn’t go to far as a loud engine spooked her).   

She has progressed in so many what use to stifle  

-such as the slightest sound of just metal touching metal has gotten so much better.   

She is not shaking like a terrified feral dog. 

 She is not showing jumpiness in fear as she was when she first got here.   

She has grown to understand our touch and reaching for the the harness or leash,

So this is huge steps forward as in the past she’s been so jumping or bolting upwards, 

when either trying to place a collar or a harness around her neck.   

Now She is starting to come completely out of her crates,  

and is allowing me to place the harness on her to go outdoors.  

We have been working a lot with the leash-She is still a little hesitant about leashing to go outside, 

knows it means potty or play or fresh air. Majority of the time it was getting down on her level -into her crate and try to get the leash on there.  

That’s all beginning to change with a clicking of the clasp.  She is most excited in the morning -doesn’t seem to be just food or treat motivated, 

she wants some sweet loving and excitement just like the other pups.  

Day 45: Cassio our foster pup and MILO say. They are  buds! 

Now Cassio is a happy dog no more scared, no more shaking only playful and happy! 

We are very happy for Cassio, she deserve a second chance in her life. 

Keep it in your prayer. Thanks for the help of everyone involved in rescuing this sweet girl. 😍🙏  Watch the video below.  

Special thanks to: Monica Heitman ❤️

Thanks to the channel : Paws Show ❤️ 
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