Little puppy was abandoned on street, when his owner feel that they don't want him anymore.

img: Youtube '' Dublin Shelter / Rescuer: SADIES STRAY DOG RESCUE ''

Rockstar was abandoned on street, when his owner feel that they don't want him anymore. 

The poor special boy has suffered a severe trauma to his head, smαshing his skυll in one area. 

We guess he was hit by a 'hard surface' like a table or a chair when he was younger by someone...that usually happen when people buy puppies for fun [probably first time], and expect it to 100% obey them...

We don't know how Rockstar could able to make it, but somehow God keeps him aliνe after the hit.

The surgery is 50/50 success rate, but there’s no way he could live longer without it.

We're just hope & wait nervously for the magic, and just blown away with his update two days after surgery! and he’s coming home 7 days after the surgery, it's just truly a miracle.

2nd post op check up, his stitches were able to be removed along with that really annoying cone.

Rockstar moves home again after got adopted and look! he enjoys his new home so much :) also showing he's a very smart boy, even after all things happened to him. Here is his first class, make friend his favorite game. upset if we don't play with him everyday. Such a energetic boy! so this is what we do to keep him happy all the time :)

He's so sweet and very friendly. He will live a good life in his new home. May God bless this sweet soul! Share his story! 😍🙏  Watch the video below for the full story. 

Thanks to the channel : The Moho❤️ 

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