His Whole Life Lived in Pain And Sadness Until He Met This Kind Person

img: Youtube '' Paws Show / Rescuer: Trio Animal Foundation ''

This is Chomper! He deserves a second chance because he endured unspeakable abuse. He really needs a second chance at life. Chomper was unable to stand any longer. At various times, he was very thin and unconscious.

He was brought to Vet with all prayers. Today, Chomper had more energy and was more alert. He gave me a kiss while very slightly waggling his tail. Chomper is truly a miracle!  Miracles do in fact occur!

The results of Chomper's blood work are trending in the right direction, and he is becoming more and more alert. Chomper hasn't puked today for the first time. Unfortunately, we had to lower his dosage of painkillers because he wasn't responding well to them. He even started kissing me while sitting on my lap.

I feel like crying. All wounds are undoubtedly healed with love. Chomper only wants to be cuddled and loved.

Chomper is excellent at interacting with people. He enjoys being scratched and sitting at your feet as your little shadow. 

After almost 4 months of emotional and physical recovery, Chomper is prepared to find his perfect family.

He just wants to start a family and live life to the fullest. Chomper is the person for you if you're feeling lonely.

He will look at you like the world revolves around you. His only desire is to be loved, and he is incredibly sweet.

We're so thankful for the help of everyone and all donations that covered his medical bills. Share his story and continue to pray for him🙏

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