Street Little Puppy Cries on His Lifeless Mother who got hit by a Car

Image/Story Source Credit: 'AnimalSTEP Official' via YouTube Video

It's heartbreaking footage, a passerby spotted this poor mother dog getting hit by a car and dying on the busy highway. Her puppy was too scared, crying over his lifeless mom. The rescuer came up after getting a call from the passerby who spotted them. They gave some food to the poor puppy but he refused to eat because he was still scared and shocked.

The puppy was also sick, and dehydrated and he seemed very hopeless. They had buried her mom and he will never meet his mom again, it's too sad. We can feel this and we can't stop our tears. The puppy was taken to a vet clinic for getting medication. 

He still refuses to drink milk and eat food when arrived at the vet. He's now in the vet's office undergoing treatment with good loving care from the vet and everyone.

He's safe but he needs time for his recovery and full fill all the love. It's a very emotional story but this poor little puppy will live a good life. We're so thankful to all the kindhearted people involved in rescuing this little sweetie, please keep praying for him!

"Watch the video below"

Special Thanks To Rescuer: Rattikarn Singwong 💚 
Thanks to the channel : AnimalSTEP Official ❤️

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