Terra, After Years of Faithful Service, Was Sadly Abandoned by Her Owner

img: Youtube '' Animal Shelter / Rescuer: Sofia Fomicheva ''

The owner left this dog behind because she was ill and had a large tumor. She soon required surgery, according to the vets.

She sobbed for nearly the entire day following the procedure. due to the difficulty of the surgery required to remove the tumor. She bounced back quickly from surgery.

She moved more fluidly and lightly than before. We finally had the chance to go home a few days later.

She was overjoyed as soon as she got into the car. She appeared to enter the vehicle alongside the previous owner.

He lost faith in people when he abandoned her. She was unwilling to play with other dogs. She wanted to go back once she was close to the main road. I believe that everyone's love and care would be helpful to her because she is so old and would quickly forget. 

She gained confidence and happiness as she slowly opened her friends' hearts. She wasn't perfect, but she opened the door to hope And that was the first time she let people touch her. 

You must have noticed how tense her face was. she hadn't let anyone caress her for a long time except me.

She would quickly realize that not everyone is evil. Thank God, his wounds have fully recovered.

A fresh start with a new name. I would always remember these times I spent with her. I felt at peace when I was near her.

She had the most gorgeous smile. She was a clever girl and picked everything up very quickly. She also did not hold back when expressing her love for me.

If only the previous owner had loved and appreciated her. So she wasn't having such a bad time.

Can you see how happy she is in her own eyes?

Her dream has come true. And we will continue with that lovely dream. This is a testimony of how love and patience can heal a broken heart. 

We're so happy to see she gets a beautiful life. We're so thankful and so grateful to everyone that gave this sweetheart everything and all of the love. 🙏

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