The police have recruited new puppies, and the internet is overwhelmed with cuteness.

Meet Lucky Star, Schumann, Feida, Brother, AJ, and Full Moon - the latest additions to Taiwan's Police K-9 units. These adorable puppies are about to embark on their police training and will soon play a critical role in the NPA's K-9 Anti-Bomb unit.

The NPA expressed their desire for the puppies to follow in the footsteps of their mother Yellow and successfully complete service dog training to join the police force. "Our aspiration is for these puppies to emulate their mother and become valuable members of the force," the NPA stated in a Facebook post. Additionally, the puppies' father, Leader, is also a working dog, further underscoring their impressive pedigree in the field of law enforcement.

Despite their promising future, the one-month-old puppies are still more interested in sleeping and eating than they are in fiցhtinց ϲrime and saving the world. "Lucky Star sometimes falls asleep while eating, and then wakes up suddenly and carries on eating as if nothing happened. It's hard not to fall in love with these adorable little creatures," says Captain Pan from Taiwan's Police.

These cuddly and sleepy puppies have captured the hearts of the nation, with their story going viral on social media. As the puppies continue their training, the nation eagerly awaits their debut as full-fledged members of the police force.

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