Watch This Puppy Life Get Completely Transformed

Image/Story Source Credit: @PawsShow Via YouTube Video

Meet Rocky! Rocky was mistreated and abandoned on the streets. He's sick, only skin and bones left. Rocky endured pain under winter in a cave where he took refuge after human chasing.

Rocky is a Poodle, presumably, he was bought at the pet store. Rocky was brought to Vet.

Rocky still can't eat, he drinks some water, he's waiting for the test results. Thus, on his body there are many wounds, 7 damaged locations.

Rocky has to take a lot of antibiotics and vitamins, and after he gets well, we'll go on to surgery. Rocky is improving day by day, he feels better. The first time this Angel was taken for a walk, he kept loving me, even though he was still very weak. 

Rocky - 4 months after the rescue Rocky has completely changed to be a sweet and cute guy. Today, it was a great day for Rocky, he was adopted by a young couple. They have been following Rocky's touching story 6 months ago. He will have a happy family, in which he will continue to be loved. We will miss Rocky very much. Love Rocky!

Watch the video below for the full story! 

Special Thanks To Rescuer: Sadies Dog Rescue 💚
Thanks to the channel : @PawsShow ❤️

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