Puppy Found In The Forest Has The Best Family

Image/Story Source Credit: @TheMoho Via YouTube Video

We were told that there is a puppy living in the wooded area, then we rush to find her. She was so scared when seeing us and tried to run a way.

We eventually found her under a discarded piece of roofing We're guessing this is where the puppy shelter when it rains We were able to catch the puppy without issue We tried to look around, but no sign of his family.

We call her Gnocchi. She's an undersized puppy and looks very weak We believe that Gnocchi has some siblings out there, we'll come back and find them in the next few days Gnocchi arrived at the shelter.

It must have been scary to be greeted by a hundred barking dogs, but she never showed it We're guessing this is because she had a hard time competing with her siblings for scraps 0:01:09. 387,1193:02:47.

295 Gnocchi is thin and obviously malnourished. Her body is disproportionately small compared to her head We expected her to gobble up her food, but at first she was too suspicious to eat.

Thankfully, when we went back later she had finished her bowl, so we gave her another bowl She was only 1,2 kg We were worried about Gnocchi but she has been doing well and gaining weight When given a new toy most dogs will bite it, shake it & chew it to bits, but gnocchi greeted her little friend with loving licks. Such a sweetiepie! 

Gnocchi is waiting patiently for her lunch Gnocchi was rescued weak and underweight, but she has been eating and pooping well Gnocchi was adopted today. She wept on the way, but seemed comfortable with her new family.

Watch the video below for the full story! 

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