Crying Puppy Who Refused To Be Touched Loves To Cuddle Now

Image/Story Source Credit: @ThePenguins Via YouTube Video

6 week old puppy was found dodging traffic last night and was picked up by a Good Samaritan. He’s SCREAMING in pain and we don’t know why! His head IS swollen and his gums pale , we had him rushed to Blue Pearl Emergency Hospital, for life saving Emergency Medical Care! 

Day 1: Rambo will need an MRI tomorrow  X-rays show several fractures on his skull. At this time we don’t know his prognosis and we can only pray he will survive!  Thankfully Rambo fell into responsible hands. We will continue to do everything medically possible to help Rambo! 

Day 2: Another long day for Rambo as we spent the day at Critical Care. He was seen by Neurology and had an MRI done but the results won’t be back until tomorrow.

Day 4: The results of the MRI are back and Rambo has multiple fractures, which look like they were caused by previous trauma. They are causing his brain to swell out of his skull. Some of his issues are congenital (his fontanelle or soft spot isn’t closed).

Day 5: My buddy Rambo is finally resting comfortably; he’s been agitated since about 5 this morning. You can tell the difference of him sleeping comfortably vs crying as he sleeps as it gets closer to medication time. 

Day 120: Well, now Rambo’s 6 months old and about 30 pounds! We will be forever grateful to everyone who prayed for him,  encouraged us to fight, and donated for his care.

He had recovered every day with a ton of love from his foster mom. He’s just so thankful to be with people and to be loved and to have the fun that he has. It's the best rescue story, we're so grateful to everyone that helped him and give him a wonderful life. God bless you all! 

Watch the video below for the full story! 

Special Thanks To Rescuer:  Rescue Dogs Rock NYC 💚
Thanks to the channel : @ThePenguins ❤️

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