Puppy Dumped in Traѕh Gets a New Home

Image/Story Source Credit: Dublin Shelter Via YouTube Video

Little Alvin is only 2 weeks old and was discarded like tɾash and left to diҽ. This little puppy was found yesterday in a garbage can barely holding on. He had no mother or siblings around and was severely malnourished.

When we took a closer look at his tiny body, he had bite wounds all over. The wounds are deep and have been festering for quite, some time because we found live maggots inside them.

We are giving him all the medical attention he needs and we are hoping is body will be strong enough to pull through. Day 2: We have to bottle feed him every two hours.
It takes a lot of time. We are waiting on blood results to see if he has any infection or deeper issues. He is so tiny and young and needs all the support he can get!

Day 8: Baby Alvin is making progress every day! Look at Alvin! He has grown up to be such an amazing pup. He is healthy and ready for his forever home! Now Alvin got adopted and live a happy life he deserve!

Watch the video below for the full story! 

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