No one wanted this Puppy. Then the kind woman took him home.

Image/Story Source Credit: @AnimalRescue Via YouTube Video

Lucky is a 1-2 week old pup found with his deceased momma and siblings in Cleveland, Texas. A Good Samaritan heard Lucky and another sibling crying and when she found them, she took them inside. Unfortunately the sibling passed away overnight and we were contacted the next day about Lucky.

Lucky had maggots in his left eye socket. He also had some wounds and hookworms. His blood was so watery and he was anemic so he received a blood transfusion.

He’s been a champ though and doing very well so he discharged the ER, and is now with a bottlefeeder working on getting strong & healthy! 

Day 25: Lucky was a week old when he came to us and now he’s almost five weeks old! He has yet to start vaccines but we’d love to get a family lined up for him. The maggots unfortunately damaged his left eye, which he’s blind in.

He’ll likely have that eye removed when he’s older and goes in for a neuter. He’s discovering life and his personality as well, and it’s so fun to watch him explore! 

Day 38: Lucky is the only surviving member of his family. He was found on the side of the road in Cleveland, Texas with his deceased momma and siblings. Far too many dogs are born unwanted in Texas.

It’s a crisis that we just can’t rescue our way out of, but we still try every single day. But despite his upbringing, Lucky is a happy boy, and he’s a constant reminder to make the best of the hand we are dҽαlt. His happiness is contagious!

Watch the video below for the full story! 

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