Little Puppy Rescued From A Abandoned House After Being Evicted From Home

Image/Story Source Credit: @TheMoho Via YouTube Video

Meet Lucerito! This petite Lucerito was crying bitterly and panicking. A local resident said that she was chased away by a 15-year-old child. In the end, the child threw Lucerito in an abandoned house. 

The puppy ducked her face and hid in a corner. Calm down! You will be helped. Her eyes reflected so much sadness, it broke my soul. I need help getting her to the doctor and getting her tests done. She is extremely malnourished. Ticks and fleas attack her. She was very pale and she could barely stand up.

Angel Rojas, we are waiting for the results of hematology tests. I was very worried when her stomach swelled up and her limbs started to swell. 

Day10: There's a pretty girl here who's started to walk faster. She will be better because this girl eats all the nutritious meals I prepare for her. Lucerito was given a medicinal bath, her wound has healed and her hair has grown out. Now we have a naughty and happy beautiful puppy

Day 18: It's nice to see a girl like this, full of life even though a few weeks ago she was close to death. Today begins a new life for our little Lucerito. 

Day 40: She is lucky to find a home that is cared for and given lots of love ♥️ Good luck Lucerito ♥️ Thank you godmother God bless you.

Watch the video below for the full story! 

Special Thanks To Rescuer:  Angélica María Alvarez Laya 💚
Thanks to the channel : @TheMoho ❤️

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