Homeless dog finds solace in an old teddy bear

The latest photograph of this missing dog has deeply moved people worldwide.

Following The Dodo's initial coverage of the dog cuddling a ragged teddy bear, more details have come to light, thanks to updates from Yvette Holzbach, a volunteer with Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward.

In a Facebook post, Holzbach revealed that she had located the dog's owner, an 89-year-old man known as Calvin. He recounted that the dog was one of many he had rescued from his neighborhood streets over the years, though the dog eventually ran away.

"He told us that this was a dog that refused to be confined," Holzbach wrote. "He constantly jumped the fence, and despite his efforts to patch holes and reinforce weak spots, the dog disappeared some time ago."

Around this time, Holzbach had been in the neighborhood and saw the dog with its unlikely companion.

"When I first saw the dog lying next to this torn and tattered toy, my initial thought was, 'How adorable!'" she wrote on Facebook. "But as I started taking pictures, reality set in. Here was a stray dog finding comfort in a worn-out, discarded toy."

Unfortunately, Holzbach couldn't take the dog that day due to space limitations at the rescue. She continued to search for the dog in the area, but he and his toy were nowhere to be found.

Now, more than a month after the photo was taken, the dog still hasn't been located.

"I hope that sharing this photo has raised awareness about the challenges faced by street dogs," Holzbach wrote. "We're fighting an uphill battle, but I hope for a future where no dog has to struggle to survive on the streets."

Through her rescue work, Holzbach strives to save as many dogs from the streets and shelters as possible.

Please consider supporting their mission to ensure no dog is left behind.

Article Sources: Facebook  (h/t: thedodo)