Loyal Dog Returns to Shelter 11 Times Before Staff Discovers He's Already Home

Meet Gumby: The Escape Artist Dog Who Found His True Home

Gumby is a 7 year old hound who has a remarkable talent for escaping. He is also the star of the Charleston Animal Society (CAS), where he has returned 11 times in the past two years. Gumby has been adopted out 7 times, surrendered to the CAS 8 times, and picked up as a stray 3 times.

How does he do it? With his energy and intelligence. Gumby was probably a hunting dog before he came to the CAS. There, the staff tried to find him a suitable home and adopted him out. But he only stayed for 3 days.

The next adoption lasted for 6 days. During his third adoption, Gumby visited the CAS 4 times, always after escaping from his home and wandering the streets. His owner finally gave up on Gumby.

His fourth adoption seemed to work better. The CAS staff did not see Gumby for 4 months, but then he came back, again as a stray. Adoption #5 lasted 2 months, but then Gumby was found on the streets 30 miles away from Charleston.

During his last adoption, which lasted a month, Gumby ran away from home 3 times. The CAS staff realized that Gumby belonged to the CAS, and that he was happier there. They adopted him themselves, and he has never left since.

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