Dog Who Was Chained Up for 6 Years Takes His First Steps to a New Life

Libby is a dog who knows what it means to suffer. She was abandoned by her family when she was just a puppy, and she spent six years of her life on a short chain, with only a tiny doghouse that she couldn't even fit in. She was neglected, abused, and lonely. She had no hope of ever escaping her misery.

But then, something amazing happened. A man named Takis, who runs an animal rescue group in Greece, heard about her situation from a neighbor. He decided to save her from her hell.

Takis went to the house where Libby was chained and convinced the owner to give her up. He approached Libby slowly and gently, trying to calm her down. She was scared and barking, because she had never experienced kindness from humans before.

He spoke softly to her and told her, "We'll be friends." Libby sensed that he was different from the others, that he cared about her. She started to trust him and let him touch her.

Takis noticed that her back legs were deformed, probably because she was chained up since she was two months old and never had the chance to run and play. He also saw that her nails were long and that she was thin.

He freed her from the chain and took her with him. He named her Libby, which means "free". He gave her a new life.

He took her to his shelter, where he treated her wounds and fed her well. He also gave her a warm blanket and a cozy bed. He showed her love and compassion.

Libby felt happy for the first time in her life. She wagged her tail and licked his face, thanking him for saving her. She left the house where she had suffered for so long, ready to start a new adventure.

At the shelter, Libby met other dogs who had been rescued by Takis. She made friends with them and played with them. She also became a foster mother to some stray puppies who had just arrived at the shelter. She nurtured them and protected them, as if they were her own.

Libby is now healthy and joyful. She has a family who loves her and a home where she can be free. She has forgotten all about her past pain and enjoys every moment of her present.

She is a miracle dog, who survived against all odds and found happiness.

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