Dog Grieves Owner's Death with Human-Like Tears

Belinha was more than just a dog to Telma Maria. She was her faithful companion, her best friend, and her nurse. For four years, they shared a bond that nothing could break, not even cancer.

But sadly, cancer did take Telma's life away earlier this month. Belinha stayed by her side until the very end, comforting her with her presence and love.

Telma's son, Dionsio Neto, posted online: "My mother said she was her nurse. Belinha was the most loyal friend."

#Belinha Attended Telma's Funeral and Cried Like a Human

Belinha was not only Telma's friend, but also a part of her family. That's why she was invited to attend Telma's funeral, where she sat quietly next to the other relatives, as if she understood the sorrow of the moment.

But what happened next amazed everyone.

Belinha refused to leave Telma's side even after the service was over. She stayed close to her coffin, as she had always done when Telma was alive. Neto captured these touching moments with his camera and wrote:

"Animals are unconditional love."

#Belinha Visited Telma's Grave and Ran to Her

Belinha did not stop crying for Telma after the funeral. She missed her terribly and often howled for her. Neto and some family members decided to take Belinha to the cemetery where Telma was buried, hoping that it would help her cope.

But they did not expect what happened next.

Belinha slipped out of her leash and ran straight to Telma's grave, even though she had never been there before. Neto was once again moved by the unbreakable bond between his mother and her dog. He told the newspaper Estadão:

"Even in death, my mother teaches me that love is not limited to people. My mother and Belinha show that animal love is more powerful than many people think."

#Belinha Will Heal with Time and Love

Belinha may never forget Telma, but she will heal with time and love. She now lives with Neto, who treats her like family. She won't have to go through the grieving process alone.

Belinha's story has touched many people who have read it online or in the newspaper. She has shown us that dogs are not just pets, but loyal friends who can feel emotions just as deeply as humans.