Dog Born Without a Neck Finds Forever Home With Family Who Loves Him Unconditionally

Meet Cooper, the Amazing American Foxhound with a Rare Spinal Condition

Cooper is not your ordinary dog. He is one of the few canines in the world who has short spine syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects his spinal development and gives him a unique appearance.

Short spine syndrome is caused by a mutation that makes the vertebrae (the bones in the spine) abnormally compressed or fused together. This condition is very rare and may be linked to inbreeding.

Cooper's life story is a remarkable one. He was found abandoned near Halifax, Virginia, when he was only two months old. He was rescued by animal control and taken to Secondhand Hounds, a shelter in Minnesota.

There, he met Elly and Andy Keegan, who agreed to foster him. They noticed that Cooper had some mobility issues and a hunched back, but they also saw his cheerful personality and loving nature.

They took him to the vet and learned that he had short spine syndrome. He also had a fractured neck and a bone infection, which required treatment and surgery. But Cooper never lost his spirit and his zest for life.

"He also had a surgery that helped him go to the bathroom better, which means he's quite low maintenance now and can go by himself," Elly told Fox News.

After six months of fostering Cooper, the Keegans decided to put him up for adoption. They thought that many people would want to adopt such a happy and special dog.

But they were wrong. "Nobody wanted to adopt Cooper," Elly told The Dodo. "And then we got an applicant. I think I broke down every other hour. I was like, 'Andy, I don't know what we're going to do!' I couldn't imagine just handing him over and saying, 'Ok, now be Cooper's family.'"

They realized that they had already fallen in love with Cooper and that he was meant to be part of their family. So they adopted him themselves.

Since then, Cooper has been enjoying his new life with his forever home. He still faces some challenges due to his condition, but he also has a lot of fun and adventure.

"With our other rescues, there was no getting-to-know you period," Elly said. "It was a family from the beginning."

Elly also said that many dogs with conditions like Cooper's are euthanized, which breaks her heart. "They have so much living to do and Cooper is a real example of that. He has a happy, normal little life now and is a key member of our family."

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Article Sources:  (h/t: theanimalclub)

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