Injured and Abandoned, Mother Dog Shows Unwavering Love for Her Pups


The plight of abandoned stray dogs often brings tears to our eyes, but amidst the tragedy, stories of resilience and courage emerge, and Si Bao is a shining example of such strength.

Si Bao was subjected to a heartless abandonment by her owner, and her life took a tragic turn when a train accident left her hind legs crushed. In the face of adversity, Si Bao's life found renewed purpose when she gave birth to four beautiful and healthy puppies, becoming the driving force in this resilient mother dog's existence.

With the joys of motherhood, Si Bao's spirit was rekindled, and she displayed unwavering determination to care for her offspring. She learned to navigate life on her two front legs, all the while keeping a vigilant eye on her beloved children.

Fortune continued to smile upon Si Bao when the nonprofit organization Animals Asia, founded by Jill Robinson, stepped in to rescue her and her family. This heroic mother dog was given a new lease on life as an animal ambassador. Si Bao was relocated to the organization's headquarters, where she could begin anew with her child, no longer forced to scavenge for food scraps along the unforgiving train tracks. Her lone surviving pup, Muddie, remained by her side.

In her new life, Si Bao was bestowed with a new name, Lelly, and plans were made to provide her with wheeled prosthetic legs, offering her greater mobility and freedom. Sadly, three of Lelly's four pups had succumbed to a high fever by the time they were rescued, leaving only Muddie as a testament to her strength and resilience.

Today, Lelly enjoys a life of comfort and purpose as an ambassador for Animals Asia. Despite her small stature, she embodies an indomitable spirit that refuses to surrender to the hardships she has faced. Lelly's story serves as a heartwarming reminder of the incredible strength that can be found in even the most vulnerable and abandoned among us.