Dog With Broken Leg Leaps Into Woman's Arms When He Realizes She's Here to Help

Vlad, the stray dog who was discovered injured and emaciated in the thorny overgrowth along a country road, is now living the life of a prince in his forever home in Phoenix, Arizona.

When a woman noticed movement in the thickets and stopped to investigate, she found Vlad limping and in great pain. But despite his injuries, he was overjoyed to see her and leapt into her arms.

The woman took Vlad to the rescue organization "Howl Of A Dog," where he received the medical care he desperately needed. He had double leg fractures, likely the result of a hit-and-run. And because the injuries were at least a week old, they had deteriorated, which meant Vlad had been starving and suffering alone for that long.

Vlad underwent emergency surgery to repair his leg fractures. His recovery was difficult, but the shelter staff encouraged him and gave him the strength to persevere. With more exercise and care, he regained full function of his injured leg and blossomed into a brilliant and handsome dog!

Vlad has finally found his forever home with a family in Phoenix, Arizona, where he lives like a prince! His new father, Curt, has renamed him "Buddy," which suits the pooch's friendly and loyal personality perfectly.

Watch Vlad's rescue in the video below to see how he went from a scared and injured stray to a happy and healthy dog with a loving family.

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