Dog Remains on Bridge for Days Hoping for Owner’s Return after Suiϲiԁе

Dogs are so loyal to us that they will never leave our side, even when we are gone. There are many stories of pets who keep staying near their late owner's bed or grave.

But one story is more tragic than any other: a dog was still waiting for his owner... at the place wherehe tօօk his own lifе.

The dog was on the Yangtze Bridge in Wuhan, China. A man called Xu found the sad dog and posted his pictures on social media.

Xu wanted to take the dog home and give him a new family. But he learned from some workers that a man had jumped off the bridge on May 30, and he understood that the dog was his and was still hoping for him to come back.

“I wanted to rescue it, but it was too faithful to accept,” Mr. Xu told Chutian Metropolis Daily.

The dog refused to eat or drink, he just looked through the railing, wondering what happened.

After Xu shared the story, Du Fan, the director of the Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association, went to the bridge and rescued the dog.

The security cameras confirmed that the dog's owner jumped off the bridge. The rescuers could only try to give the dog a new start.

“We still hope to find a new owner for the dog,” Du said, according to the Daily Mail. “We think it’s too sad for such a loyal dog to stray on the streets.”

This is a heartbreaking story. It shows how much our dogs love us, and how they remain faithful to us even after we're gone. We hope this dog finds a good home soon. Share this story!

Article Sources:  (h/t: theanimalclub)