Little Girl With A Big Heart Rescued The Dog Who Was Scared And Lonely At The Shelter

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When a Pit Bull arrived at the shelter, she exhibited constant trembling throughout the day. Her delicate skin emitted a noxious odor, likely caused by mange, resulting in inflammation. The Pit Bull also suffered from swollen feet due to a staph infection, and her eyes were filled with infectious discharge. Given the severity of her condition, euthanasia seemed inevitable. However, as you continue reading, make sure to watch the heartwarming video below!

The shelter neglected to give the Pit Bull a name, relegating her to the back of her desolate cage for the majority of her time. One day, a woman named Audra Spurio visited the shelter in search of a furry companion for her two-year-old daughter, Gigi.

Unbeknownst to the Pit Bull, she believed herself to be invisible to the rest of humanity. However, Gigi noticed her and exclaimed, "Mommy, that one!"

Gigi tugged on Audra's coat persistently until they approached the pitiful Pit Bull. Overwhelmed with compassion, Gigi gently stroked her. Even after Audra showed Gigi other dogs, the young girl returned to the ailing Pit Bull three times, pleading, "Let the dog out, need help." The shelter staff then took her out of the kennel, cleaned her up, and allowed her to play with Gigi in the yard.

The two quickly formed an incredible bond, spending hours playing together. The Pit Bull remained devoted to Gigi, while Gigi reminded Audra that the "sick dog" required assistance.

Moved by Gigi's pleas, Audra tearfully agreed to adopt the Pit Bull, whom she named Scarlett after Scarlett O'Connor. Finally, the sick dog found a home!

Within a week of joining Audra's family, Scarlett's health began to improve significantly. She never left Gigi's side, spending every waking moment with her.

Thanks to Gigi's unwavering dedication to save her, Scarlett made a remarkable recovery and transformed into Gigi's loyal companion. Now, this dynamic duo spends their days playing and enjoying themselves in both the house and the yard. Be sure to watch their heartwarming story and video below. It's a tale you won't want to miss, so make sure to watch it until the end. Enjoy!

Article Sources: Youtube/The Dodo  (h/t: iheartdogs)

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