The PitBull was so happy to see her dad back from the military that she ran to him even though she couldn't walk

Youtube Screenshot: Melissa Swanson

There is something very touching about seeing dogs reunite with their soldier owners. We have seen many videos of these emotional homecoming scenes. But the one we are going to show you is a bit different.

Emma is a Pit Bull who is paralyzed. She has a birth defect that makes it difficult for her to walk. But she is not a sad dog. She does not know that she is different. She has tried several wheelchairs, but she does not enjoy using them.

Emma and her human dad have a strong bond. They were heartbroken when he had to leave for his deployment. They were separated for six months, but now he is finally back. Watch how Emma runs and crawls to hug her dad!

That was so sweet, right? I was crying as I saw Emma jump and drag her legs to greet her dad!

You can see more pictures and videos of Emma on her Facebook page.

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