The Amazing Transformation of a Thin Dog with Little Love

Youtube Screenshot -Animal Rescue

Viktor Maznev is a compassionate man who saved a helpless and abandoned dog on the street. The dog was suffering from a serious infection, but he never gave up and fought for his life. Viktor was moved by his courage and gave him the name "Fighter".

Fighter faced his illness bravely on his fourth day of existence, and he managed to survive until his fifth day.

Six days later, Viktor saw Fighter again and was amazed by his progress. His eyes were clear, and he had no bad smell or pus. Fighter was still fearful, but he did not lose hope. The vet checked him on the seventh day and found demodex, which was a minor issue.

After ten days of struggle, Fighter's anemia began to fade, and his platelets started to drop. He became stronger and more determined with each day. He enjoyed a bath on his tenth day and received a coconut oil massage on the twelfth day.

On day 13, Fighter's fear started to subside, and Viktor knew that he would soon become a super pup. By day 15, Fighter left the clinic and made new friends. On day 17, he relaxed, and on day 19, he slept peacefully.

On day 32, Viktor noticed a difference in Fighter's attitude, and he realized that his little pup had grown up. With a new confidence, Fighter was adopted by a loving family in the UK, and Viktor was overjoyed.

Today, Fighter is a beautiful and healthy boy who has gained weight and happiness.

Watch the video below for the full story! 
Article Sources: Youtube - Animal Rescue  (Special Thanks To: Rescuer)

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