Shelter Dogs Who Wouldn't Let Anyone Touch Them Melt In The Arms Of Their Rescuer

Youtube Screenshot - The Moho

Meet Maike and Sugar, a sibling duo residing in Praca shelter. These two were rescued from Sarajevo by Fahrudin Caki Bravo when they were in a traumatized and severely malnourished state.

Emaciated and frightened, their physical condition has vastly improved since being rescued five months ago. However, they still harbor deep-seated fear and require specialized foster care. The journey towards trust with humans necessitates an environment filled with love, affection, and tailored attention.

In just three months, a remarkable transformation has taken place. Witness their incredible progress within a week of arriving in the UK. Both Sugar and Maike have regained their health, established trust with people, and blossomed into joyous canines. Their dream of finding a forever home together has been realized.

Thanks to the compassionate efforts of the individuals involved, Sugar and Maike were able to embark on a journey to the UK. With the assistance of Deliverance, they were placed in a nurturing foster home where Gerry dedicated his care to their rehabilitation. Through his love, hope, and unwavering commitment, he has bestowed upon them a future beyond their wildest dreams.

Let us extend our heartfelt appreciation to all those involved in this heartwarming tale, and we send our warmest regards to the inseparable duo, Sugar and Maike! Fast forward one year, and you would never believe these pups were the same ones you encountered last year.

Behold Sugar and Maike, and marvel at the incredible transformation they have undergone.

Watch the video below for the full story! 
Article Sources: Youtube - The Moho  (Special Thanks To: Rescuer)

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