Moon Pie: The Miracle Puppy Who Survived Against All Odds

Youtube Screenshot - Paws Show

A rescue and nursery called Bosley’s Place specializes in caring for homeless and orphaned neonatal puppies that need bottle feeding and round-the-clock attention. They got a call one night from a woman who was desperate for help with three puppies whose mother had died a week ago. The puppies were in critical condition, suffering from hunger and dehydration.

The rescue team arrived quickly and gave the puppies the names Mallomar, Pinwheel, and Moon Pie. They provided them with fluids, food, and warmth, and attempted to restore their health. They fed them hourly, day and night, and sometimes used tube feeding when needed.

Unfortunately, Mallomar and Pinwheel passed away on the first day. They were too frail to make it. But Moon Pie showed a strong will to live and improved gradually. He still could not nurse by himself, but he was getting stronger and more energetic.

On the fifth day, Moon Pie made a remarkable recovery. He began to nurse full meals by himself, stand on his four legs, and express his personality. His rescuer declared that he was safe and available for adoption.

By the eighth day, Moon Pie had turned into a cozy, sweet, affectionate, and cute puppy who had found his permanent home.

This is the story of how Bosley’s Place rescued three newborn puppies in need, and how one of them, Moon Pie, overcame the odds and flourished.

Watch the video below for the full story! 
Article Sources: Youtube - Paws Show  (Special Thanks To: Bosley's Place Inc.)

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