Her family betrayed her and left her alone, but she refused to abandon her blanket and hoped they would come back

In a Dallas neighborhood, a family abandoned their dog, leaving her on the street along with their trash. Marina Tarashevska, a co-founder of Dallas DogRRR, discovered the dog clinging to her blanket on a cold and rainy day. The dog seemed to be waiting for her family to return.

Tarashevska attempted to rescue the dog but faced difficulties as the dog would run off each time she got close. Tarashevska devised a plan and slowly pulled the blanket towards her house, eventually reaching her backyard. She managed to grab the dog and secure her in a kennel.

The dog, named Camilla, was terrified and showed signs of physical injuries. Tarashevska took her to the vet, where she underwent surgery and started her journey to recovery. Camilla is now in a foster home, receiving love and attention, and her personality is slowly emerging. She is beginning to trust humans and seek affection.

Although she will stay in foster care a little longer, Camilla will soon be available for adoption, and with time, she will continue to heal and adapt to her safe environment.