After being attacked by the big dogs, she struggled out and beseeched the rescuer to rescue her

Youtube Screenshot: AnimalSTEP Official

Meet the brave little puppy with an indomitable spirit, despite her sad and sickly condition. She has a front leg deformity that remains a mystery - whether it was congenital or a result of an attack by another dog is unknown.

However, her story takes a heartwarming turn when a concerned citizen noticed her plight and quickly summoned a local veterinarian. The puppy's situation was critical - she couldn't stand or bear weight on her legs. The vet's team, saddened by the puppy's state, refused to give up on her.

With their quick action and tender care, the puppy was given a warm bottle of puppy milk, antibiotics to prevent infections, and pain relievers. In a matter of days, she grew stronger and could sit by herself. It's a testament to the puppy's determination and the skillful care provided by the veterinary team.

The next step in her recovery is rehabilitation and medical attention, which she'll receive in a foster home. We're optimistic that this resilient pup will overcome her challenges and soon be able to walk on her own.

If you want to witness this heartwarming story, watch the video below.

Article Sources: Youtube - AnimalSTEP Official  (Special Thanks To: Rescuer)

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