The Remarkable Recovery of Fénix, a Dog Who Was Left Outside the Shelter

Fénix was a skeleton of a dog when he was dumped at an animal shelter on March 15th. He had no strength to stand or walk, but he still looked at the shelter staff with hopeful eyes, asking them for a chance to live.

The shelter team didn't hesitate to act. They gave him medicine and a glucose injection, and helped him drink some water. They moved him to a special room where he received fluids through an IV and constant care for the next 48 hours.

Fénix had a severe injury in his lower body that made it impossible for him to stand. He endured a lot of pain and suffering, but he never stopped smiling and being brave.

After two days of intensive care, Fénix started to show some improvement. His blood sugar level normalized, and he was able to eat some raw food by himself. He still needed medication and had a weak digestion due to starvation, but he was on the road to recovery.

The shelter team nourished Fénix with special bottle feed, which he initially resisted but eventually learned to love. They also took him outside for short walks to help him regain his muscle mass.

Fénix's blood test results got better and better, and so did his mental health. He became more playful and affectionate with his caretakers, and gradually switched from bottle feed to raw foods.

With the shelter team's support, Fénix slowly learned to stand and walk again, gaining confidence with each step.

Today, Fénix is a happy and healthy dog at the shelter, getting along well with other animals and showing no signs of discomfort from his past injuries. He still needs extra nutrition to reach his ideal weight and strength, but the shelter team is determined to help him achieve his full potential.

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Article Sources: Youtube - The Moho  (Special Thanks To: Amor y Abrigo)

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