Stray Dog Who Mourned Her Babies Finds Healing In Kittens

Milo, a friendly pooch, found herself stranded near the Arizona-Mexico border before being picked up by a kind-hearted Samaritan who delivered her to Sunshine Dog Rescue. Despite being pregnant, Milo was not due to have her litter for several weeks. Unfortunately, Milo went into labor prematurely, and tragically, none of the puppies survived.

Devastated and bewildered, Milo frantically searched for her lost little ones. The rescue team reached out to see if there were any orphaned puppies in the area that could benefit from Milo's maternal instincts, but none were found. However, fate had other plans. Three adorable kittens were available, and they quickly found a place in Milo's heart.

It was a heartwarming sight to see Milo caring for the young kittens, and Gumball, one of the kittens, soon became her favorite. They bonded like a mother and child. In a twist of fate, David adopted Milo, and his sister adopted Gumball. They found a forever home together with the same family, where they can thrive and grow in a safe, loving environment. Watch the video below:

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