Shy Dog Finally Finds Her Forever Home After Waiting For Months At The Shelter

Chauncey was a gentle and timid dog who longed for a loving family. But at the Spartanburg Humane Society, she often felt overlooked by the visitors who came to adopt a pet. Her breed and shy demeanor made it hard for her to stand out among the other dogs.

The shelter staff knew that Chauncey had a lot of love to give, but they also knew that she needed a special family who would understand her needs and help her come out of her shell. They did their best to make Chauncey comfortable and happy at the shelter, taking her for walks and giving her lots of pets.

Chauncey had a brief taste of home when she was adopted once, but it didn’t work out and she came back to the shelter. She didn’t lose hope, though. She still believed that there was someone out there for her.

And she was right. One day, a family saw Chauncey’s picture on Facebook and decided to meet her in person. They instantly fell in love with her sweet and gentle nature, and they knew they wanted to take her home.

The shelter staff were overjoyed that Chauncey had finally found her forever family. They were also sad to say goodbye to their furry friend, but they knew she was going to a good home.

“We were so happy for her to find a great home, but we always miss them when they leave,” Cox told The Dodo. “It is definitely bittersweet when they get adopted, but we are always happy deep down inside.”

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Article Sources: FACEBOOK/SPARTANBURG HUMANE SOCIETY  (h/t: thedodo)