Meet Mila the Puppy Who Beat Distеmpеr and Found a Loving Home

Meet Mila, a poor puppy who was abandoned on the road by heartless individuals, left alone and filled with sadness. Unsure of what had happened, Mila lay there hopelessly waiting for her owner to return, but they never did. Luckily, a compassionate woman named Edina Pasic spotted her and decided to save her life. She rushed her to the vet to get her checked and treated.

The vet found out that Mila had distemper, a deɑdly disease that affects many dogs. But Mila was not ready to give up. She fought hard against the illness with the help of Canglob therapy and her strong appetite. She showed her gratitude and affection by wagging her tail every day. She also received a lot of support and prayers from people who cared about her.

Mila’s courage and willpower paid off. She beat the odds and recovered from distemper. She touched the hearts of everyone who met her with her adorable personality. She was a true survivor.

Now, Mila has a new family in the UK who loves her unconditionally. Lucy and Miles adopted her and gave her a warm and cozy home. She loves going on car rides and playing with the cats, Dudo and Duda. She also enjoys eating rice and meat that are cooked for her.

Watch the video below for the full story! 
Article Sources: Youtube - Animal Rescue  (Special Thanks To: Edina Pasic)

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