Boy Gives Stray Dogs A Moment Of Kindness When He Thinks That No One's Watching

How a Boy's Kindness to Stray Dogs Made Him an Internet Sensation

Sometimes, a simple gesture can make a big difference in someone's life — even if that someone is a dog.

That's what happened when a boy named Ibrahim decided to show some love to two stray dogs he encountered on his way to school in Grozny, Chechnya.

He didn't know that someone was filming him from a nearby window, and that his act of kindness would soon go viral and touch the hearts of millions of people.

# A Heartwarming Hug

Ibrahim was walking to school one morning when he saw two dogs lying on the sidewalk, basking in the sun. He could have ignored them and walked past, but he felt a connection with the animals.

He stopped and bent down to hug them, one by one, gently stroking their fur and whispering something in their ears. He didn't care if anyone was watching or judging him. He just wanted to make the dogs feel happy and appreciated.

Little did he know that his sweet gesture was captured on video by Julia Tagirova, a resident of the building across the street. She posted the clip on social media, where it quickly spread and received thousands of likes and comments.

# A Very Kind Boy

The video also reached Ibrahim's family and friends, who recognized him and praised him for his compassion.

One of them was Katerina, a friend of Ibrahim's family who told The Dodo that the boy is always helpful and generous.

“He goes to school with my daughter and helps her carry her bag. He’s a very kind boy,” she said.

She also said that Ibrahim loves animals and often hugs stray dogs he meets on the street.

The dogs he hugged that day — and all the others he’s hugged unseen — would most certainly agree.

Article Sources:  (h/t: thedodo)