The Unforgettable Story of Luna, the Dog Alive After Being Lost At Sea For 5 Weeks

Introducing Luna, the incredible canine survivor who was reunited with her owner after spending five weeks lost at sea!

Luna, a lovable German shepherd x husky mix, went missing off the coast of San Diego, California after she accidentally fell off a fishing boat while accompanying her human, Nick Haworth. Despite a tireless search by Nick and a Navy crew around the St. Clemente Island area, Luna was presumed to have drowned.

However, five weeks after her disappearance, Luna was miraculously discovered by staff at St. Clemente Island’s Naval Auxiliary Landing Field. The Navy personnel were surprised to see a dog sitting by the side of the road since no domestic animals were allowed on the island. But when they approached her, it became clear that it was Luna!

Sandy DeMunnik, a Navy public affairs officer said, “She was just sitting there wagging her tail.”

Despite being slightly malnourished, Luna was in good health and unharmed. She was immediately flown to Colorado, where Nick's best friend would look after her until Nick returned from his travels.

Luna was even given a new dog tag from the Navy, it reads ‘For Luna, keep the faith.’

Watch the heartwarming video below to see Luna's reunion with her owner:

Article Sources: Youtube  (h/t: kingdomstv)

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