Saving Cristal: A Puppy’s Journey from Neglect to Love

Animal Rescue Society recently received a distressing call for help about a little puppy that had been left in a terrible state. The puppy's entire body was covered in severe scales, and she was wandering around in search of food and water. Despite her desperate situation, she was completely ignored by many insensitive humans.

After rescuing the puppy, the team at Animal Rescue Society gave her the name Cristal and immediately took her to the vet for treatment. Upon arrival, it was clear that Cristal was suffering from severe anemia, dehydration, and dermatological problems. She was so small and helpless, and her sad and tired eyes were heartbreaking.

The vet immediately started treating Cristal with medicine, care, and love. She was given a much-needed bath, dewormed, and treated for mange and parasites. After just 10 days, Cristal's mange was almost completely healed, and her body was on the road to recovery.

After 90 days of treatment and care, Cristal was unrecognizable from the sick and frail puppy that Animal Rescue Society had rescued. She had won the fight and was now a happy and healthy dog. The team at Animal Rescue Society were overjoyed with Cristal's transformation and were thrilled to see her ready to find her forever home.

Thanks to the support of their donors and volunteers, Animal Rescue Society was able to provide Cristal with the care and attention she needed to recover from her traumatic experience. They continue to work tirelessly to rescue and care for animals in need, and are committed to finding loving homes for all their rescued pets.

Watch the video below for the full story! 
Article Sources: Youtube - Animal Rescue  (Special Thanks To: abrigoanimaisaumigos)

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