Dog Leads Man to Abandoned Newborn in Cebu Mountains, Philippines

Junrell Fuentes Revilla had no idea that his routine ride through the Cebu mountains in the Philippines would turn into a heroic act that would capture the world's attention. As he was driving his motorcycle, he noticed a dog chasing him, barking loudly and trying to get his attention. Curious, he stopped and the dog immediately gestured him to follow.

Without hesitation, Revilla followed the dog, who led him all the way up to the top of a mountain. At the summit, the dog took him to a dumpsite where he saw a little newborn baby swaddled in a brown towel, abandoned and left to ԁiе.

Thanks to Blacky's actions, the abandoned newborn was rescued and taken to the local police station, and the Department of Social Welfare got involved.

Fortunately, the infant was declared healthy, and the story soon spread, catching the attention of Hope for Strays volunteers.

The volunteers were inspired by Blacky's bravery and began a community effort to find and help the dog. After locating him, they were amazed to find that Blacky was not a stray but lived with a family that loved him dearly. The rescuers also noticed that the family could use some assistance.

As a result of Blacky's heroic actions, the community came together to support his family by donating much-needed pet supplies and food. It's incredible to see how one dog's courage not only saved the life of an innocent child but also brought relief to his family.

Article Sources:  (h/t: theanimalrescuesite)