Dog Rescued After Being Found Swimming in the Middle of the Ocean

A dog was discovered swimming in the middle of the open sea by complete strangers, according to shocking video that has been making the rounds on social media this week after first going viral on TikTok with over 10 million views.

Out on a boat ride with their friends, Bryn Crowell posted the video, which was accompanied by the caption:

 "My friends and I saved a dog we found swimming alone in the middle of the ocean." 

The opening scene of the video shows a man swimming out to a dog that he and his friends have literally seen struggling to stay afloat and impossibly far from land.

The dog is visibly tired and struggling to keep its head above water. This little guy has obviously been swimming for quite some time, desperately trying to get back to land.

The precious pouch would have drowned if it hadn't been for this shocking turn of events and these friends spotting this dog.

However, this little guy fought hard and persisted until he was thankfully saved.

The family was contacted 20 minutes after the dog was saved, and they were thrilled that their dog had been found.

So how exactly did he get there?

In a follow-up, the owner informs the rescuers that the small dog is named Zuko and that he is a puppy who is only recently learned to boating.

The most crucial thing is that Zuko was ultimately saved. I'm hoping that his owners have taken this as a lesson and will give him a puppy dog life jacket for future boating outings. Watch the rescue video of Zuko below

To view the video of the follow-up TikTok videos, click HERE .

H/T: Gillian Sisley 💚

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