Abandoned cancer dog couldn't stop crying while being fed and the sad truth behind

Image/Story Source Credit: 'Animal Shelter' via YouTube Video

She was abandoned after living with her owner for 8 years.  Do you see her stomach shrinking from hunger? She looked at me like she wanted to cry.  After a while she cried, why was she here? It was easy to take her to the vet.  

Even then she lay there and was sad, why? Her tears were still in the corners of her eyes. And then we found out why she was abandoned.  Her white blood cell count was high and she had a tumor in her breast. 

Her owner didn't want to heal her? Surgery to remove the tumor was performed. But after a month she lost weight for no reason. 

Doctors were still trying to figure out why and my heart broke when I got the results. Dana had vein cancer which was difficult to treat.  Her heart was very weak. The treatment was not easy. Why did the owner leave her in this situation?  Why?

She wanted to give up and just lay there. The doctor also told me that she was old and that I should consider treatment. As I looked at her, my tears would not stop flowing. I decided not to give up no matter what was on my mind She was on medication and waiting for chemotherapy Those were the happy days for her and me even though it got to her late, it was amazing. 

She was happier and smiling after many sad days. The chemotherapy would prolong her time with me. I really wanted everything to be okay with her. Her heart soon recovered from treatment For Dana to understand that this world wasn't all sad.  

She enjoyed life to the fullest and on the day of the chemotherapy came, she was at the vet. Everything went well for us. She was able to eat and drink a little after the chemotherapy. She tried, although she was very tired at the time.

There was a nice and quiet meadow near the vet I usually bring her here after Dana has basked in the warm sunlight. We had high hopes for a bright future like this sunshine But things didn't go as we dreamed For almost 2 years the illness got the better of us She almost couldn't walk alone anymore These 2 years had our tears and smiles

She is not as happy as before but she worries She remembered her past and her life I dreamed of giving Dana a better life I had to feed her myself she didn't want to eat And then she said goodbye a short time later to me But the memories of her are still intact in my heart "In another world, you will be a happy and free dog" 2 years together, she was cared for and loved "Smile and look at me every time you think of me... "I love you so much, I will never forget you"

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