Puppies miss their mother and want to be reunited

Image/Story Source Credit: 'Animal Shelter' via YouTube Video

No one knew where the mother of these puppies was. They heard their screams on a rainy night and saw them. They hid under this container, waiting for their mother. To lure them out, I had to eat. They were very hungry. We took them all home to take care of in the

In the meantime, we looked for the mother [ __ ] a couple of times. . We worried about the misfortune that had befallen her. . Roundworm and widespread pneumonia In the end, there were only 2 puppies left with us.

I cried a lot because I couldn't help the little angels. That was Philip, with a striking set of black hair. . He was very shy when doctors touched him. He looked at me like he wanted me to help him. And here was Fedor.

His condition was better than Philip's. But he was also afraid to see the doctors. He looked at me too, hoping I'd help him. Then he looked for a hiding spot. He hid under the chair just as I found it. I had to sit down to talk to him.

Screenshot via Youtube video by: 'Animal Shelter'

But he kept looking around and didn't come. Philip and Fedor's conditions were much better. But they always sat together under chairs or tables. Sitting here made them feel safe. I would do anything to protect these two puppies. One week later, we were home full of joy.

Screenshot via Youtube video by: 'Animal Shelter'

but still needed medicine  take home. Fedor was born with heart problems. So he had to constantly monitor his heart rate. But that would not stop our happiness. Not long after, Philip was adopted by a kind family. At first, he was homesick and cried a lot.

But everyone's love made him happier. And Fedor stayed with me and was taken care of by me. At first, he missed his brother very much. He refused to go anywhere and just lay there. She and I have been through a lot together. And it was hard when they had to be so far apart.

Screenshot via Youtube video by: 'Animal Shelter'

But it would be better for her Taking care of her dog with heart disease wasn't easy. We had to go to the doctor regularly. That's why no one adopted him. Unless that person had a good heart and loved him. Often, when I look at him, I can't hold back my tears.

I loved him very much and he knew We always spend as much time together as possible. He also opened his heart and received love from everyone. He had real friends, especially these cats. He would live in warmth and good care. He would have the strength to endure anything. Watch the full video in the below

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