Locate Hotels That Accept Pets, Including Dogs

Photo by Karolina Grabowska

Think about your dog's personality before you start making travel arrangements. Some dogs, in all honesty, might make traveling too difficult. Do you have a best friend who constantly barks? You might not find it annoying, but someone staying in the adjacent room might.

If you have a dog who is prone to misbehaving, any damage to a hotel room will almost certainly end up on your credit card! Will your pal wake you up at night if he has a nervous bladder? All of these factors must be considered before embarking on your journey.

Take a step back and assess the pros and cons of taking your pet dog on the road. There are some animals that are better off staying at home, but you are the best person to decide that.

Once you've decided that your pet would benefit from a restful night in a dog-friendly hotel, it's time to make travel arrangements.

You should think about what to pack before searching for hotels that accept dogs. The quantity of dog supplies you bring may depend on where you are going and how you are getting there in addition to how long you will be away.

You should limit your pet's needs while flying, just like you would for other passengers. It is acceptable to bring a few extra toys or treats if you are driving.

Begin by considering the length of your trip. Assume you're driving from Friday afternoon to Sunday night. If possible, bring enough dog food and treats for at least two to three days more than your dog will likely consume.

This may seem excessive, but if your dog consumes 2 cups of food daily, take 4 cups more than you need. This serves as a backup plan in case something leaks, gets wet, falls, etc.

A couple of extra treats to reward good travel etiquette is also a nice touch. Bring a portable water bowl and water with you while traveling to ensure you have plenty of drinks along the way and when water is not readily available. Providing bottled water during the trip may reduce the likelihood of a stomach upset!

Traveling can be stressful, so bring your friend's favorite toys with you. If your dog likes to chew, keep rawhide or chew toys on hand to keep him away from the furniture or car interior! Bring a pet brush and a travel pack of pet bath wipes in case of an emergency.

Bring the dog bed if possible, and if not, consider where your pet will sleep. If your pet requires daily vitamins or medications, bring twice as many as you expect to need just in case.

Once you've decided on a hotel, use the internet to search for nearby stores that sell pet supplies, including the kind of food your pet likes.

You could also buy a bag once you arrived at your destination if you were traveling by plane and only brought a small supply of food.

Bring your veterinarian's phone number with you, and try to find the numbers of one or more veterinarians and any emergency veterinary clinics in the vicinity of your lodgings.

Finally, to avoid any hassle or controversy, make sure that your dog has all of its required vaccinations, and bring along any necessary paperwork and items, such as rabies tags or dog licenses.