Summer Heat and Dogs - These advice could help save your dog's life. 'Save The Dog'

We humans occasionally find the summertime heat to be nearly intolerable. Don't forget about your dog who will be feeling the heat as well. We can use fans or even air conditioners to keep ourselves cooler.

The tips I've provided below could help your dog survive the sweltering summer heat.

1. Air Conditioner

- If you own a kennel, the best thing for the dogs is to have an air-conditioned building where you can keep your dogs when the temperature rises. When the heatwave is over, they can go outside and enjoy the summer breeze in their kennel runs.

(Note: I have kennel runs both inside and outside my building. I bring my dogs inside the building every night around 9 p.m. or so, regardless of the weather. I believe the dogs are safer, and the neighbors are pleased because they do not hear any noise from the dogs at night).

2. House dogs 

- If you only have house dogs and live in an area that gets extremely hot during the summer, having an air conditioner is a real plus for your dog(s).

The dog must be kept inside during the hottest part of the day.

Make sure the dog doesn't spend too much time outside.
During a heat wave, the dog needs plenty of water and shade to survive.

(Note: My backdoor is equipped with a dog door. This allows the dog to go outside when he needs to potty and then return inside when he is finished).

3. Fans 

- Cover the fans with fans or "gel pack" covers. There is a product that snaps on top of the fan's round plastic (or medal) cover (that protects the blades from being touched).

A "gel pack" is held in the center by a thin netting-like material. You can freeze this gel pack and attach it to the fan cover. Upon turning on the fan, It creates a cool breeze by forcing air to blow on the "gel pack" right away.

4. Garden hose

- Wet the dog's belly, inside of the back legs, and chest with your garden hose. Additionally, soak the dog's feet. He remains cooler as a result of this.

5. Create a water pool

- I put some water in the front of my kennel runs so the dogs can play in it and get a little bit of relief from the heat. (up until there is a water leak).

I carry out this several times per day. (Along with giving the dog's bottom a good soak each time).