What You Should Know About Large Breed Dogs and Senior Citizens

A dog can be the best friend you've ever had, and whether you're young or old, caring for one of these intelligent, devoted creatures can provide you almost unfathomable delight. A dog can be a particularly welcome addition to the lives of seniors, providing company, affection, and health advantages such as reduced stress and anxiety and easing feelings of loneliness and isolation. Indeed, numerous studies have found that pet owners live longer and happier lives.

Many people believe that, for the majority of elderly people, a tiny, easy-to-care-for dog is the natural choice. However, many individuals would argue that a large dog is a fantastic fit for many older folks. Several people simply prefer larger dogs, but there are some compelling reasons to choose large breeds as senior pets. Many larger dogs are actually calmer and simpler to care for than their smaller counterparts, and there is another key health benefit connected with keeping a large breed of dog as a pet rather than a smaller one - exercise.

Having a larger dog gives elders a great excuse to go out and about. Larger dogs, unlike smaller dogs, will rarely be satisfied with a simple trip around the block two or three times a day, therefore keeping large breeds as pets can help the elderly obtain the frequent activity they require to stay healthy. Larger breeds are also more likely to enjoy fetch and other activities that provide both the pet and the owner with much-needed physical activity.

Naturally, this isn't to mean that every huge breed of dog is a wonderful choice for a senior citizen's pet. Some large breeds, like smaller dogs, are quite energetic, yet even these types may make wonderful pets for more active elders. If you're an older person thinking about getting a companion dog, it's a good idea to conduct some research beforehand to learn about the features of various breeds so you know what to anticipate. You should also consider what qualities you want in a dog and how your new pet will fit into – or change – your lifestyle.


Individual variances exist within any breed of dog, large or little, and as a result, it's a good idea to meet any dog you're considering adopting before making your decision so you can get to know them. You might meet a dog and fall in love with them, even though you weren't especially interested in getting a dog of that breed before meeting that particular animal. That being stated, the following are some of the huge breeds of dog that elderly potential dog owners may want to consider.