Try This Novel Approach to Dog Naming

Dogs provide us loyalty, warmth, and companionship. They are sometimes children raised through surrogacy. Don't take naming your dog lightly. Spend some time and effort coming up with a name that accurately describes your dog's traits and personality. To come up with dog names, consult literary works.

Choose a hound dog name from Sherlock Holmes. These canine sleuths use their noses to discover things and solve crimes. A hound dog like a bloodhound or a black-and-tan coonhound would be appropriately named Sherlock. Basset hound fitting by Dr. Watson. It is dependable and unflappable like Sherlock's ally.

Tolkien figures from fantasy literature offer proud dog names. The hobbit names Frodo and Bilbo are ones that tenacious terriers would be proud of. These little creatures take on much bigger adversaries.

Aragorn has the support of German Shepherds. This nomad with an aristocratic background wandered the wilderness protecting the oppressed. He usually took a proud stance.

Gandalf the Grey is a superb wizard since he is a mix of breeds with mystical lineage. Mutts are wonderful companions for their families despite their scruffy look. But occasionally they go out on their own.

It is fitting to give royal, elegant pets an elfin name. A female poodle called Arwen, a princess of the elves, would be a wonderful friend. After the elf warrior Legolas, an Afghan dog with long hair would prance opulently.

At the moment, vampires are popular in literature. Give Dracula's name to your Doberman Pincher. Perhaps a more modern vampire name from the Volturi coven of the Twilight novel might be more appropriate for your pet.

Shakespeare's characters are excellent choices for dog names for theatergoers. Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Hamlet, and Caesar are a few instances. A Scottish Deerhound with the name Lady Macbeth would be appropriate.

Several of the names of authors might also be given to dogs. Try to match the dog's personality with a famous author. For a hunting dog, try Hemingway, and for a naughty dog, try Mark Twain. A dog who likes to explore can be called Jules Verne. Robinson Crusoe seems to have embraced your family like a stray dog.

Many stories have canines in addition to people and authors. Cabal is the name of King Arthur's hound. His dog characters, Buck, Fang, and Jerry, were created by Jack London. Mickey had Pluto, Scooby Doo used Shaggy to solve puzzles, and Dorothy had Toto.

Give the new family member a literary character's name. Over all the others, some traits of this dog captured your eye. Choose a name from a beloved book or character that most accurately describes your new companion.