Introducing a New Dog to Your Existing Dog


In the wild, dogs live in packs and are particularly gregarious animals. They appreciate each other's company and will happily eat and sleep in each other's company. A lonely dog will often welcome the company of another dog. However, bringing a new puppy or dog into your house can provide a number of obstacles and concerns. Messy Pawz Dog Training has put together this post to help you avoid this.

I'm thinking of getting a friend; is this a good idea?

Yes, but only if you have the time to look after another dog. You won't have much time for a second dog if you don't have much time for your current dog. It will take time and patience to introduce a second dog, and you must be willing to devote additional time to training and settling in. You might be better off rehoming your first dog if you just want a second dog to keep your first dog quiet. Any behavioral issues this dog has will be picked up by the second dog, doubling your problems rather than solving them.

Is it important whether I get a male or female?


There is no definitive answer to whether female dogs get along better with male dogs. People often assume that females get along better because they are naturally gentler. Dogs, on the other hand, are instinctive animals with instinctive behavior. Certain breeds get along better than others, but the most important factor to consider is how you treat the one you currently have.

How do you handle your current dog?

This is where you must be truthful. Do you lavish attention on your dog? By barking or being a nuisance, does it make demands for treats or your time? Do you cave in and let it rule your life? If you've spoiled your mutt, it won't appreciate sharing your attention with another dog, a child, or even a new spouse. You can still introduce a second dog, but you'll need to make some behavioral adjustments to become a calm, cool, and confident pack leader. Your first dog will be much happier and relaxed if you do this.

Should I get a puppy or an adult dog?

This is determined by the amount of time you have to train a puppy. The Messy Pawz Dog Training website has a lot of information on how to train puppies to be happy and confident members of your family. It does, however, take time and patience. Puppies are energetic and will bounce, pounce, nip, and otherwise annoy an older dog. You must keep in mind that your new puppy will pick up on both good and bad behaviors from your existing dog, so keep that in mind.

I'm not sure where I should introduce the dogs.

It's best to meet your dogs in a neutral setting, such as a park. If you can't do that, bring your current dog with you when you pick up your new dog and introduce them there. They should not be introduced in the car or at home. Dogs are extremely territorial, and they will fight to defend their home territory, which includes the front yard, house, back yard, and car.

What's the best way to introduce the dogs?

Allow your dogs to interact with each other off-leash and on the ground. There will likely be a lot of sniffing, and dogs may appear to be a little out of it at first. Don't pick up the smaller dog or puppy because it will disrupt the process of introducing them to each other. During the first few minutes, avoid patting or touching either of them. Allow them to make an introduction.

If one dog is more dominant, they may try to step over or climb on the back of the other. If the other dog is okay with it, it will lower itself and possibly roll over. This is a very encouraging sign. It is indicating to the other dog that it is not a threat and will not harm him or her. Don't be alarmed if you hear some growling or teeth gnashing. This is typical of people who want to assert their dominance. Only intervene if a fight breaks out, and then immediately separate the dogs.

Wait a few minutes if the dogs are fine together before starting to walk and calling them to follow you. By using your voice and patting the side of your leg, you can encourage both dogs. Balls, toys, and treats should not be introduced at this time because your existing dog may be territorial over them, resulting in a fight. Before you take them home, take a long walk with them around your neighborhood.