How To Select Transport Dog Crates For Your Canine Companion

You're going on vacation, but you want to bring your dog with you. That's no problem; all you need is a transport dog crate and you're good to go! But how do you pick the best one? Don't worry, I'll give you a few pointers on how to make the best decision for your dog.

Even if you are not planning a trip or vacation and simply want to take your dog to the beach or a park, you will require proper dog transportation. Many countries and states, in fact, require you to have a proper dog transportation crate, in this case for a dog - transport dog crate. Not only is it required by law, but it also provides you with a more comfortable driving experience, is safer for the dog, and allows you to keep your eyes on the road by not worrying about what your dog is doing or if she is safe.


So, how do you select the best transport dog crate for your dog? First and foremost, the crate must be large enough for the dog to be comfortable; she must be able to stand up and lie down without difficulty. Before purchasing, inquire with the seller about any sharp edges.

You don't want your dog to get hurt while you're away on your wonderful vacation, do you? If your dog is small, the best solution is to place the transport dog crate in the backseat of your car. These crates are not very large, and before purchasing one, make sure you can fasten the seatbelt to it. It will provide more security.

Purchase only a dog crate with windows so that your dog can look around and ventilate the transport dog crate; you don't want to sit in a stinky room, do you? So does the dog, so make sure the transport dog crate is easily ventilated.

Almost all transport dog crates are made of the following materials:

- Plastic dog transport crates
- Wooden dog transport crates
- Metallic dog transport crates

If you have a small dog, plastic dog crates are ideal. They are lightweight, simple to clean, maintain, and ventilate. It can be difficult, however, if your dog is a heavy chewer.
If your dog is large, wooden crates are ideal because they are the most powerful chewers and can't chew the wooden transport dog crate as quickly. Wooden ones are also easy to ventilate and maintain, but because they are made of wood, you should check to see if you don't have termites nearby, as those little scumbag bugs can turn your wooden transport dog crate into sprinkles while your dog is sleeping.

If termites ate your wooden transport dog crate and your dog chewed on your plastic one, the last option is metallic transport dog crates. They are not widely used because they are heavy and difficult to transport, difficult to ventilate and keep at the proper temperature, and are generally prohibitively expensive. My best advice is to purchase a plastic crate in addition to a metallic one. That is the combination I prefer.

So I hope these suggestions help you find the right one.