Dogs vs. Cats: Which Pet Is Right For You?

Pet dogs and cats are two popular pet options available to us, but which one is right for you? From their personalities to their outward mannerisms, cats and dogs are polar opposites, and if you want to know which pet is right for you, you'll need to learn more about these amazing animals.

I've spent a lot of time with dogs and cats, helping to raise them from puppies to full-grown adults, so I'm familiar with the benefits and drawbacks of each. For your convenience, I'll list the benefits and drawbacks from my own experience, which should help you answer the question, "Is a dog or cat the right pet for me?"

How Much Do These Two Love Each Other?

Pros for Dogs: No matter what the situation, dogs always appear to be happy. If you buy a puppy when it's young and give it lots of love as it grows up, the dog should have a fun and loving attitude, which is exactly what owners want. Dogs are affectionate, loyal, and a joy to be around. In fact, I don't believe dogs can experience anything other than joy! Dogs do feel guilty when they do something wrong, but aside from that, they are always full of optimism, which can be contagious.


Imagine coming home from a long day at work, plopping down on the couch, and being greeted by your cheerful animal companion who only wants to make you happy. How thoughtful of them!

Dogs, on the other hand, can become overly reliant on your attention at times. Maybe you just want to go home and rest without interruption after a long day at work, but a dog may still try to smother you for a pat on the back.

Dogs also have a tendency to be envious of other pets who receive any kind of attention, and they may retaliate if you don't show them the same level of affection. I had a Poodle who would pee in unfavorable locations, despite knowing it was wrong, because she was angry or jealous. That was a vicious dog. However, this obnoxious trait is not shared by all dogs.

Advantages of Cats: Unlike dogs, cats have multiple emotions! They're also a lot more self-sufficient and conservative. Cats will always have affection for their owners, but they will only show it when they feel like it. After a short nap, a cat might wake up and think to themselves, "Well, I feel like getting some attention now," and walk over to you and begin rubbing up against your legs while purring. When they sound like miniature car motors, you know the cat is in a good mood.

Then there are times when you try to pet them and the cat simply says, "Yeah, whatever, thanks I guess." Alternatively, the cat may be in a particularly lazy mood and will refuse to respond to your actions. Nobody can predict how a cat will react because their behavior is unpredictable. You have to "earn" their respect and attention, but that's not a bad thing. Plus, when you're busy, cats won't bother you as much.

Cons for Cats: A cat's attitude is inconsistency or arbitrary, which is a problem. There are times when you just want a friendly pet to sit on your lap or next to you, and cats will do just that, but not always. What I'm trying to say is that cats aren't as devoted to their owners as dogs are.

Here's an illustration: When a dog learns his name, he will respond immediately when called. A cat, on the other hand, will choose to either listen or ignore you when he hears you calling. The cat will even turn to face you, acknowledging that he has heard your call, before closing his eyes and returning to sleep. What a jerk! Cats will occasionally listen, but only if they are in the mood.

Conclusion: Personality is a matter of preference. People appreciate loyal and loving pets, but they also appreciate pets that can be restrained.

Messiness - Are Dogs and Cats Clean Or Messy?

Dogs' Advantages: Well, you know, um... Okay, dogs aren't exactly the cleanest creatures on the planet. The good news is that you can potty train them, and teaching them to use the restroom outside is both convenient and less stinky for your home. For the most part, that's all I have to say on the positive side. Most of the time, dogs will take care of themselves, but you will probably need to give them a bath every now and then to keep them clean.